SUStainable FOOD production and consumption

Food Sustainability

The ERA-Net SUSFOOD defines sustainability in the food area as a food system that supports food security, makes optimal use of natural and human resources and respects biodiversity and ecosystems for present and future generations, which is culturally acceptable and accessible, environmentally sound and economically fair and viable, and which provides the consumer with nutritionally adequate, safe, healthy and affordable food.

SUSFOOD is the acronym for SUStainable FOOD production and consumption.

Networking and open calls

As an ERA-Net, SUSFOOD aims at setting up a European strategic research agenda by increasing cooperation and synergy between the European partners and by defining common future perspectives in sustainable food production and consumption. In addition, SUSFOOD aims at enhancing collaboration and coordination between national and regional research programmes. Thanks to the identification of research priorities, gaps and opportunities, and a study of future research needs, SUSFOOD will have positive impacts on European research. By means of two open calls (in 2013 and 2014), sustainability oriented food chain projects will be supported, in order to allow the European research area to be in the lead in sustainable food production, supply and consumption.

Scope and aims

SUSFOOD includes the entire food supply chain with main focus on food chain sustainability beyond the farm gate. It will cover processing, packaging, transport, retailing, food services, storage and consumer activities. SUSFOOD promotes a multi-disciplinary approach from biology to food engineering and social sciences and tends towards the following socio-economic goals:

  • T o develop sustainable food systems from production to consumption.
  • T o Increase food production sustainability while reducing wastein food supply chain and limiting environmental damages.
  • T o improve quality of life by improving food quality in a sustainableway and the resilience of the food supply chain.
  • T o encourage consumers to act in a more sustainable way.
  • T o improve competitiveness and economic growth in the European food industry with special attention to SMEs.

To achieve these points, the consortium has developed an efficient framework with concrete actions.




An overview of the existing research will be achieved by means of an open web based archive, named the MetaKnowledge Base (MKB). The analysis of the current research will enable formulating synergies, gaps and overlaps in European research and will form the basis for formulating future research needs. Finally, the process will result in the supporting of corresponding research topics.We encourage researchers from industries and research institutes to post their research projects in the database, which is freely accessible and can be found on the SUSFOOD website ( Contact:

Among the benefits for researchers is that the MKB forms a unique platform for researchers to exchange information and to expand networks. Contact: Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO ) (Belgium)


Based on identified medium to longterm needs the SRA will describe in detail the key research priorities within the field of sustainable food production and consumption. The SRA will establish a joint agenda for European food research and will be the foundation for transnational calls that will deepen the cooperation between national research programmes. It will also be a useful tool for building long-term transnational collaboration. Contact: The Danish Centre for Advanced Food Studies, University of Copenhagen (LMC /UC PH) (Denmark)


Two calls for research proposals will be implemented. At first, the demonstration of the feasibility of joint activities in some areas relevant to the project is needed. This will be achieved by developing instruments, mechanisms and processes needed to implement transnational funding activities, like call procedures, documents and also a call secretariat. The first call will be launched in February 2013. The second call is expected in January 2014. Contact: The Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE ) (Germany)

This ERA-Net started on December 1st, 2011 and will end on November 30th, 2014.



Zowel bedrijven als kennisinstellingen kunnen hun onderzoeksprojecten in het kader van duurzame productie ingeven in de SUSFOOD databank via deze link.

Dit vergemakkelijkt het zoeken naar partners voor het uitschrijven van projecten via de open calls van SUSFOOD (voorzien in 2013 en 2014)